Donation Generator & School Exercise Books in Bago Region

Officials from Thauk Ye Gat (2) Hydropower Project and Asia World Foundation have donated 30 KVA Generator & accessories equipment, 230 dozen of school exercise books & ball pens and school suit uniforms for teachers to the Private Education High School at the Taw Gone Village, Htan Ta Pin Township in Bago Region on 25th September 2017. The total donated amount is 15,980,000 kyats in Myanmar.

Statistics of Nearby Villages

Gold Energy Co., Ltd thoroughly studied on Environment Impact and Social Impact Assessment (EIA and SIA) within this project. It was concluded that the people residing in the lower portion of the project area are engaged for the most part in agriculture.
No permanent residents are found below the selected water level (reservoir rim) of the reservoir. A few people residing in the upper portion of the reservoir are also involved in agriculture as their basic activity in planting of rubber, durian, Kwan (areca palm) and pharlar (cardamom) for supplying a livelihood in this area. No significant affected on ecology and morphology in the reservoir area.

Those of the bridges, known as Platwa bridge located at upstream of the reservoir was under water and therefore temporary ferry service was replaced successfully before completion of a new
permanent bridge.

The settlement of the people living at Htonebo village, 94 households (890 in population) displaced from the project site was carried out successfully. The major activities of rural development includeresettlement of villages, compensation to the people displaced those were residing in the project site and to farmers for the farmlands in reservoir. In concerning with rural developments, Gold Energy Co., Ltd participated in renovation of old buildings, providing new buildings of schools and religious buildings including roads and bridges in surrounding project area. It also comprises Electric power supply to five villages namely Htonebo, Nagamauk, Kyaukpasat, Kyaukpatho and Magyigone, 492 households of 3974 in population.

Apart from the project works, GEC involved in the activities of the Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) at completion cost as below:

Statistics of Nearby Villages
JUNE 2017

Name of Village House holds Population Type of buildings
(Family) (Number) School Religion Electricity
Nangamauk 213 1884 1 480 1(Church) 118
Htonbo 93 890 1 145 2(Church) 47
Kyaukpatho 92 650 1 40 1 63
Kyaukpasat 63 450 1 45 1 41
Magyigon 31 100 1 24
Ye Ohae Sin 59 240 1 124 2(Church)
Total 551 4214 5 834 8 293


Summary of Corporate Social Responsibility Taken by
Thauk Ye Gat (2) Hydropower Project

No Major Activities Amount
1 Electricity Power Supply to five villages 5974.260
2 Rural Developments, Schools, Road and bridges (From 2010-2016) 40664.93
3 Organizing Activities (January-June 2017) 941.30
4 Compensations 12136.044
Total (Kyats in Lakhs) 59716.53


Donation School Exercise Books in Bago Region – 20th June 2017

At Thauk Ye Gat (2) Hydropower Project: Officials from Asia World Foundation has donated school exercise books to the Basic Educational Primary and Middle School’s 775 students at Htonebo, Nga Ga Mauk, Kyauk Pa Sat and Yay Oo Sin Villages in Bago Region on 20th June 2017.


Opening Ceremony for Primary School- 13th June 2017

On 13th June 2017, Officials from Asia World Foundation and Thauk Ye Gat (2) Hydropower Project conducted a Blessing ceremony and a donation for Basic Education Primary School at Kyawk Pa Sat
Village, Bago Region.


Donation Bell for Htonebo Church, Bago Region (30th April 2017)


2017- Rural Development in Htonebo, Nagamauk, Kyaukpasat, Kyaukpatho and Magyigone Villages, Bago Region


Rural Development in Yay Oo Sin Village (Repair Road Village)


Contribution of School Uniforms and Exercise Books to Htonebo. Yay Oh Sin & Kyat Thaung Chaung Villages, Bago Region


Provided Power Supply Facilities to Five Villages


Providing Financial Compensation To Those Who are in Reservoir Area


Constructed for New & Repair of Road & Bridge in Upstream Area of Ka Yin State


Constructed & Provided Electric Power Supply Facilities to Five Villages (Htonebo, Nagamauk, Kyaukpasat, Kyaukpatho & Magyigone)


Donation New Building Used for Library, Clinic and General Purposes (28’x20’) in Htonebo Village, Bago Region


Donation New Basic Education Primary School Building (40’x28’) in Htonebo Village, Bago Region


Rural Development for Htonebo and Nagamauk Villages (Road and Tube-Wells)


Provided New Building for Thanmoetaung Monastery & Aglican Church at Htonebo Village, Bago Region


Renovation of Primary School Building (48’x24’) in Htonebo Village & Middle School Building  (60’x30’) in Nagamauk Village, Bago Region