Thaukyegat (2) Hydropower Project

The main purpose of the Project is to construct rock filled dam with concrete faced as upstream membrane and to install plant capacity of 3 units x 40MW= 120MW for the average annual output 605GWh.The power transmission line is about 9 miles to connect to National Grid line at Primary Sub Station, Taungoo.

Project Implementation

  • Date of Commencement May 2, 2008
  • Date of Project Completion Dec.29, 2012
  • Date of Commission March 18, 2013

TYG (2) is being executed with the contract of PPA between Gold Energy Company and Ministry of electricity and energy. In accordance with the PPA contract, it makes a mutual agreement to buy at least electricity 60% in rainy season and electricity 80% in dry season. It uses only local currency in kyat for payment of power purchased.
Our company utilized the foreign loan in implementing the TYG (2) power plant project. Therefore, the investment on the project is greatly influenced by exchange rate between US$ and local currency. Since we set up to this project, foreign currency was 800ks to 900ks per $. At the present time, foreign currency gradually raises. As the company, it severely suffered on loss due to the exchange loss.


Main Dam


Power House