Thaukyegat (2) Hydropower Project


TYG (2) Hydropower Station full tank level is El-127 m. On 1st August 2015, water level about El-126.09 m at (06:00) AM. (19:00) PM, water level about El-126.77.So we must maintain our objective, water level El-126.5 m. According to opening gate Rule & Regulation we opened the gate No -3 at (19:04 hr) about 1.2m. And then raised the gate to 2 m. On 2ndAugust (02:00) AM we open again the gate No-3 to 2.4 m. And also the other gate 2&4 opened at (22:35 hr) and (22:40 hr) to maintain the water level, anchor at El-126.5 m. Our main dam situation is stable, good condition, an always observation team & task force duty day & night. And also to take care to spillway with duty group, all day & night, on 1st August to safety level.